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    Cantine Bosco
ProCork - made by wine lovers for quality wines. The natural answer for critics of cork and lovers of wine, it solves the problems of random oxidation, cork taint and cork tannins while allowing the wine to age naturally.
"When I tasted wine, bottled with ProCork, I decided to invest in the company."

"When I tasted wine, bottled with ProCork, I decided to invest in the company. It's a traditional natural cork with an exciting new technology, the performance of which exceeds any other closure - and I am passionate about wine. The wines age elegantly due to ProCork's micro-aeration technology which is ideal for integrating grape and barrel tannins and the wines are not effected by bitter cork tannins and taints.

Without ProCork technology, cork alone will never control tannin release into wine and reach the micro-aeration standards, that I now expect. Il Vino's wine of the month is bottled using ProCork and so is the multi awarded Balnaves Tally.

When you find the ProCork technology on your natural corks, you can be confident that the best quality has been used at every step of the process to get the grapes into the bottle for you."  - Luc Fabre, winemaker,  22 years Medoc.